Mobile testing, as well as many other techniques, has lots of myths around it. Do you know that some business owners do not consider post-production testing for their apps because of their strong conviction that this is totally senselessly? Of course you don’t. No one knows that because such apps has never appeared on high positions of the app stores.

Let’s highlight 5 myths around mobile app testing that every business owner should be aware of.

5 Mobile Testing Myths

Myth #1. Physical testing is not available

You may hear that there is no physical way to test mobile applications. However, “it is difficult” and “it is not available” are not the same. For example, many companies provide professional tools to test mobile applications using an array of network conditions. If you want to test your application in that way, you are free to communicate with such kind of companies.

Myth #2. Mobile traffic has no impact

This is not exactly true. You should consider this point during testing, because moderate or high traffic can bring down your system and make your application unpredictable.

Myth #3. Performance and functionality is the same thing

These concepts are not the same thing. It means that you must test performance even if you have successfully tested application’s functionality. The answer is pretty straightforward – your feature-rich application is useless if it cannot work quickly and smoothly with all these features.

Myth #4. Post-production testing is senseless

It is false. Full-cycle testing, even if completed with highest quality and accuracy can’t reflect all the real world conditions like unreachable network or too many launched applications.

Post-productive testing also ensures that the usability of your application is on the highest possible level regardless of hours, when testing is performed.

Myth #5. Testing is time-consuming and unable to give high ROI

It is obvious that testing is time-consuming operation, however, by performing this you can significantly reduce the costs associated with an application and the time taken to maintain it in future.

Without testing you will never make a successful, smoothly working and predictable application, so don’t be misled by these myths and get your apps tested since early development stages.

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