Tiktok app has recently revolutionized the digital world. Being an extremely popular video application, it attracts thousands of new users each day. Therefore, many companies would like to create apps like TikTok to fit the latest trends. But what are the best techniques for testing mobile social video apps? How to test an application similar to TikTok? In this post, you will find a detailed guide on how to test social media apps in the most effective way.

What is the purpose of TikTok

What is TikTok app? To begin with, it is necessary to understand the basic concepts of this social video app. TikTok is an enormous platform that allows all users to create, edit, and share countless videos online. TikTok technical specifications are easy and understandable. The users can record videos that last no longer than 15 seconds, as well as upload only MP4 or MOV files. The app has a great number of various filters that allow transforming ordinary videos into real masterpieces. Moreover, the app allows converting videos into wallpapers for both iOS and Android smartphones. 

How to test an app like TikTok? 

Testing mobile applications is an inevitable part of any development process. Using mobile app testing best practices allow thousands of companies to produce quality and highly demanding applications. Moreover, testing mobile social video apps requires using some unique testing techniques because of the unique features of such an app. In case you want to perform your mobile app testing, consider including these types of tests into your application testing checklist.

Functional testing 

In case you are looking for sample test cases for mobile applications like TikTok, functional testing might become your starting point. This type of testing is designed to make sure the app’s features look nice and polished, as well as its behavior is precise and correct. During this type of testing, the QA experts check the screen orientation of the app, its responsiveness, screen size, and other basic parameters. 

For a proper testing flow, it is highly recommended to create a very detailed list of test cases. Create a test case document with all the features and functionalities of your social media video app. These test cases should be clear, single-step test cases, with specific “expected results” to allow the testers to verify that all functionalities act as expected. 

It is necessary to keep in mind that customers will use the app on different devices and carriers. Therefore, it is better to cover many devices in the test process. The more types of devices the better. Although the team of in-house QA professionals can handle testing this feature with the help of virtualization software, using crowd testers is likely to appear much more effective. Using the power of the crowd will allow you to test the app on various types of devices with different operating systems, screen sizes, carriers, and other parameters in real-life conditions.

UI and UX testing 

Having a flawless design is a must-have feature for any modern application. Therefore, your mobile social media QA testing process should include this type of tests, too. There is nothing new that the customers prefer using smooth and intuitive apps that don’t have any bugs or crashes. Moreover, the app should have comprehensive navigation and be easy-to-use. It is important to organize the menu in the most convenient way and make all the app’s elements easily accessible. By the way, UI testing walks hand in hand with usability testing

Performance testing 

An excellent first impression provided by the app is always a key to success. This makes performance testing become one of the most important steps of the QA process. When it comes to performance testing, it is also highly recommended to use only real devices rather than simulators. Moreover, the testers are expected to check each menu and function of your social media app. It is also necessary to test the app’s battery consumption on multiple devices, including iOS and Android operated gadgets. 

During performance testing, QA professionals also check the software’s speed, stability, and reliability. Not only should the app have a solid and impressive interface, but it should also be trouble-free, steady, and meet the load requirements of a large scale of users.  

Security testing

Security is always a subject of concern for any user. First, you need to make sure your application is 100% safe, as well as eliminate all the risks of data leak not to get your app compromised. The source code of the app should be also carefully tested using the most detailed safety mobile app test cases. In case your solution has an embedded payment system, performing tests via the payment processor is a must. Protecting users’ data should be a top priority for any application. Don’t forget to use real people with real credit cards or bank accounts to make sure your payment system acts well with real payment systems.  

Localization testing 

Localization testing is about making sure the application’s interface contains proper language patterns, voice, and tone. Global apps like TikTok are usually created for large audiences in dozens of countries. This means that your application should be translated into different languages. It is vital to double-check the correct usage of specific symbols, using a proper time and date format, as well as numbers. Crowd testing is ready to help you with high-quality localization testing performed by professional QA specialists in the desirable country or region. 

How testing affects the quality of TikTok like applications

There is nothing new that advanced testing can make your product better. But how can testing results improve your TikTok like application? Discover the features that might be significantly improved after a successful QA process. 

Improved security 

  • The customer gets a reliable product;
  • Keeps safe user’s personal info and data;
  • Most risks and problems are eliminated beforehand;
  • Your product will no longer have serious vulnerabilities;
  • All the payment options are likely to start working properly;
  • Detects all serious crashes and errors 

Better overall product quality 

  • Improved signed-in and sign-out flow;
  • Easy-to-use and user-friendly interface; 
  • Smooth performance with no serious bugs;
  • Handy menu with all the elements available at hands;
  • Improved battery consumption to avoid fast battery draining;
  • The app meets all the industry standards and the expectations of the target audience;
  • Tips for features to add or improve in the nearest future offered by professional testers  

Excellent performance for various categories of customers 

  • An app that perfectly works on devices with different screen resolutions, operating systems, carriers, and other parameters;
  • Excellent linguistic parameters that perfectly suits clients from different countries

The relationship between your TikTok like app and crowd testing   

Crowd testing is known to have great advantages, but in the case of testing social media video apps it becomes a true necessity. Only by using Crowd testing the development company can get access to real people using a variety of real devices, under real-life conditions in many geographies and required demographics. Crowdtesting is flexible, fast, efficient, and cost-effective making it the preferred way to test your TikTok like app. 

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