Modern software for mobile devices obtains a huge number of useful features that are necessary for full and colorful life. Most people use mobile devices for communication via social networks, because it’s free in contradistinction to SMS and phone calls. At the same time, regular social networks do not provide a complete set of tools that are necessary for networking. Therefore, people (especially young ones) often prefer different analogues for communication with the help of mobile devices. The most popular among them are various types of messengers.

Most of these applications are available for all platforms – Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry and iOS (or at least Android and iOS).

What will it take you to create your own app for communication? What are the points to consider? Let’s take a look at the most important of them.

Mobile apps for communication

Key points that should be paid attention to in the process of the development of mobile applications for communication

  • Perfection of ideas: the emphasis on demand. Analyze the potential target audience and make the necessary additional marketing research to make sure that your idea meets the requirements of the market and users’ needs. Make sure that your mobile application for communication will suit various social and age groups and will satisfy the communication need of different customers.
  • Design: what users want to see? Physical appearance is very important for mobile applications designed for a wide audience, especially for those ones that are designed to make the process of communication easier. Try to offer users what they expect or want to see. And make sure to keep it simple.
  • Usability: comfort in every function. Remember, that the aim of your mobile app is to give people opportunity to stay in touch with their close people all the time, to simplify the process of communication. That is why your app should be simple and user-friendly but at the same time it must have all the functions that your customers may require.
  • Testing: test and retest. Check the final product. Make sure that the application works without errors, failures and bugs. Remember that your customer will become very angry if some application failure will prevent them from sharing some important information or convey some urgent message. Learn more on how you can test your app for communication across different geographies and on all kinds of devices.

Top 4 best mobile application for communication

Learn from the best and make your own app even better.

  1. WhatsApp. At present moment it is the most popular service for text messaging on mobile devices It is important that the application is suitable for both fans of operational system of Android and for those ones who prefer smartphones from Apple. Besides, users of BlackBerry and users of smartphone with operational system of Windows Phone can also use this application without any issues. The program looks for the customers by their phone numbers. Test communication with them is free of charge (the first year, then it will be $ 0.99 per year). Of course, if you need to send a short message to someone who is not in WhatsApp, you’ll need to use SMS. In addition to text messaging you can share photos, videos and music.
  2. Viber. This cross-platform application is similar to WhatsApp and also as uses a phone number as a customer’s id. In addition, the program allows you to make voice calls. Unlike WhatsApp, this utility is free, even after one year of use.
  3. ChompSMS. This application is only suitable for the platform Android. ChompSMS allows you to send a short message to any number in bypassing the network of your mobile operator, not for free but according to the prices on the official website. Use of this service may be beneficial, but not always. Everything depends on your tariff plan.
  4. Facebook Messenger. An application that allows you to send instant messages to your friends from Facebook, without going to the site of this social network and view the “ticker” (a feed that shows all recent actions of your friends) and the notifications. The application is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone users. In addition to sending messages, voice communication works perfectly well, but only if you are in range of Wi-Fi. The application is free.
  5. Mobile applications for communication may be useful not only for entertainment but also for business. Thus, the majority of applications for communication are now focused not only on ordinary users, but also on the big companies. Using video calls, users can discuss issues with colleagues; it is possible to send instant messages via online chat. This is especially useful when employees work remotely or company has several offices. So the mobile applications for communication can be entertaining and interesting tool and useful business channel. Good luck!

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