Exceeding the expectations. Ubertesters is entering into a new space soon

Would you buy a car without driving it first? Would you go to an important exam without a prior practice of a test simulation? Probably not. Then why would you consider launching a mobile app without at least taking it for a test drive?

Ubertesters is expected to announce later this month a new service aimed to help ready-to-launch products become even better.

Ubertesters provides a crowd testing solution backed by a robust platform to manage the entire mobile testing process and launch a well-tested app that gets highly rated.

Ubertesters addresses the two main problems of mobile app testing process:

  • Lack of tools. Ubertesters offers a free cloud-based mobile app testing platform that keeps the mobile app project manager in a total control over the app testing cycle.
  • Lack of resources. Ubertesters uses crowd testing to professionally test apps with the power of the crowd in over 80 countries.

Since its founding in 2013, Ubertesters’ client list has included a broad range of companies from start-up firms to Fortune 500 companies.

While technology and mobile app standards growing and evolving, users become increasingly demanding to the app quality. Experience has shown that product owners need efficient ways to test apps on a beta stage and to shorten time on getting users’ feedback. In order to satisfy this growing demand, Ubertesters will present a brand new service in September 2015.

More information on this new service is coming soon.

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