The best approach to create a software testing environment that covers a wide range of platforms, languages and locations is a crowdtesting. It can be useful in creating scenarios as realistic as possible. To maximize the benefits, you can refer our useful tips below.

Explorative Software Testing Tips

1. Use the wisdom of the crowd.

With the help of explorative testing crowd testers are able to examine the whole web or app property without any guidelines, thus covering almost every imaginative bug from a simple spelling mistake to critical bug that may affect performance or reliability.

2. Testers Experience.

A close work with the properties target audience means that all testers should be carefully recruited. High language skills, reach professional and testing experience also will have a positive impact on submitted bug quality.

3. Cover All Available Platforms.

However, the correct answer will vary in accordance with a range of platforms that are used by your target audience. The crowd offers a wide variety of devices to test, so if your target audience’s tastes change, you will be be able to respond to these changes instantly.

4. Tests on the fly.

Crowd testing ensures that your application will work in any conditions, in any environment and on any device as smoothly as in your laboratory. Such results can be achieved by providing a series of tests where your application is most likely to be used. It is something like a stress test drive in the hands of your target audience.

Worrying about the costs? Find out how much crowdtesting services will cost you. Compare the results with the expenses on your internal or outsourced QA team!

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