Successful brands like Facebook, Microsoft and Audi are increasingly using Crowdtesting for flawless products. It is a cost-effective and real-world multi-platform testing approach. Let’s explore five things that every crowd tester should know.

Understand the requirement

Each test cycle includes requirements, which describe the purpose of the test. The bugs you find may not be considered valid if they are not included in the requirements. You should always read through all requirements and only proceed when you have a strong understanding of them.

Prioritize important bugs

Whenever you are identifying bugs, remember that almost no apps are delivered bug-free. There is no need for reporting a bug that has little to no impact on the developer or the end-user.

Quality over quantity

It’s a given that clients will want to identify any potential bugs during the crowd testing process, but it’s not worth sacrificing the quality of the test just to get a bigger number. When testing, make the effort to ensure each bug you report is likely to be marked valid – a high acceptance rate reflects well on you.

Follow test cycles

Even if you think you might skip a particular test cycle, keep an eye on it as it progresses. This will help you maintain overall awareness of what’s happening through crowdsprint and will ensure you never miss any potential opportunities to work.

Remember the end-user

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose sight of the real-world context surrounding a particular website or application. Different users interact with software in different ways and for different reasons, so put yourself in the shoes of a user and visualize how they would progress – it will help you think of more test cases along the way.

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