How to become a tester_ essential tips

If you want to become a quality assurance tester or just start as a freelancer and get paid for the websites, games or mobile apps testing, you should follow several simple steps. We have tried to gather all of them in one short list to make a rocket launch of your career. Check these tips how to become a tester below.

1. Get basic QA knowledge. You can start with a different free or paid online courses that explain what things you should learn to become a tester. We strongly recommend to check out free courses at:


You may also check the following books:

  • Patton R. Software Testing;
  • Copeland L. A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design;
  • Page A. The A Word.

2. If you want to start performing jobs as a product or software tester from home, maybe as a freelancer, it is not essential to become a certified software tester at the beginning. It is great if you passed ISTQB, CSTE or IIST software testing certification but, in fact, you need just to have a laptop or a smartphone to start.
3. To get paid to test a website, web-app, an Android or an iOS mobile application, you need to register to the Ubertesters program [] and join the top-league of beta-testers.

As soon as a relevant project, related to your skills and knowledge will be available to start, you’ll get a notification from our manager and can earn some extra cash for your work.

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Harvey Specter
Posted at 8:42 pm June 28, 2016

May I suggest the following books? Perfect Software by Gerald Weinberg, and Testing Computer Software by Cem Kaner.

    Harvey Specter
    Posted at 6:10 pm June 29, 2016
    Ran Rachlin

    Hi, Prasad. Sure! Thank you for the comment

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