When you have decided to use crowdtesting, the service providing company is your major concern. Be savvy in your choice, and everything would be better and easier. There are five main criteria to estimate a crowdtesting platform and decide whether it is worthy dealing with or not.

Five Essential Tips On How To Choose A Crowdtesting Company

#1. Expertise

Their previous experience is first and foremost. You need a company with a vast and relevant experience. This will significantly ease all operational activity and the maintenance required. It should also be possible to meet your growing requirements to keep up with your progress.

#2. Reliability

Internal growth and experience in dealing with both enterprises and mid-scale companies are the parameters you should look on. Testing enterprise applications is a higher level than just testing mobile or website. This is a criteria that counts in favor of a company.

#3. Stability

You don’t want the company you are collaborating with, to disappear from the market because of some financial force majeure, right? Make enquiries, ascertain that you could delegate them your testing processes and sleep well.

#4. No matchmakers!

Some are just matchmaking you with the testers and that’s all. You need quality, competency of the hired testers and outcomes. After all, you are paying for it. Choose the crowdtesting company that provides you with certified, skilled staff and manage them.

#5. Terms and Conditions

It’s is extremely boring, but carefully reading the Terms and Conditions and SLA is a MUST. This bureaucracy is fatal evil. Sad but true.

Some points may sound obvious, but we had numerous cases when people did the bidding of a cunning marketers or sirenic sales managers, and waste money with doubtful service providers. In our turn, Ubertesters team is ready to give you all necessary guarantees and support. Sincerity is the straightest way!

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