UberUpdates 16-18

iOS 9 launch

Apple has announced the release date for its next operating system for iPhone and iPad – iOS 9.The official launch date is September 16, a week and a half ahead of public release of iPhone 6s. While thousands of apple users are looking forward to this day, the iOS developers are in a rush and making the final preparation to have the apps ready for iOS 9. Being proactive, Ubertesters has added the iOS 9 support beforehand so the all the developers are welcomed to upload their builds and fix the the latest bugs with the help of our platform. 

Changes in the first-time installation

The installation instructions for the Apple devices with iOS 9 on-board include the additional steps. Now the testers will get the following pop-up message when installing the Ubertesters hub app for the first time:


To ‘trust’ the developer, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > General > Profiles in your device;


  • Select the developer certificate in the ‘Enterprise app’ section;


  • Press ‘Trust  … Apps on this iPhone’;


  • Select “Trust”.

Once done, you’ll be able to launch the app and proceed with Ubertesters hub installation.

At the end of the process, you’ll get the following message:


Double click on home screen and remove Ubertesters from the list of active apps.

For futher nstructions please check The first-time Ubertesters app installation.

What’s new in iOS 9?

Update includes the following features:

  • enhanced intelligent search
  • improvements for Siri
  • multitasking that allows to work with two apps simultaneously
  • imrovements of Maps, Notes and News built-in apps that make them more powerful.

Visit the Apple official website for more detailed information.


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