Apple’s new iOS 8 is the most significant update to iOS. The goal of this update was not to impress, but to create a platform for the best impressions. Each improvement has a purpose, and each new feature has earned its place. Every detail is carefully designed, and every decision is aimed at increasing efficiency. You will feel as first new features will amaze you, and then will become a must have. Especially in your business life.

What makes iOS 8 the most advanced mobile operating system for your business? Let’s find out!

What makes iOS 8 the most advanced mobile operating system for your business?

No mess in your specs anymore.

Everything is in the details, advanced features and overall experience. Now you can view, edit, and organize all the photos at the same time on all your devices. Voice recordings can be added to text messages – save your time for more important things than texting.

iOS 8 let worker bees get more done.

New Mail features save your time as well. Mark emails as read or mark their flag simple swipe gesture from the “Inbox”. You can easily switch between your drafts and letters from the mailbox to collect all the necessary information. And when an e-mail arrives to your mailbox with booking the hotel, an e-ticket or phone number, Mail will notify you, and with one touch you can add an event to the calendar and the phone number to the address book.

Get quick access to the most important people.

Double-click the “Home” from any screen to go to the multitasking interface. At the top of the screen you will see the faces of your recent talkers and brushing right – your favorite contacts. Tap any of them to call, write a message or make a video call via FaceTime.

Eeasily answer the important message with iOS.

Respond to messages, letters, invitations, reminders, and even messages from Facebook and other applications directly in the window notice. You do not need to leave the application in which you are working. Yep, now you can easily answer the important message without being distracted from your business.

iOS 8 helps you to pay attention to your family.

Remember to pay attention to your family, even when you are at work. With iOS 8 it’s easy. Family Access function enables you to share content purchased from the iTunes, iBooks and the App Store, with members of your extended family up to six people. Buying a song, movie, or app, you can share them with your family. Share family photos, shared calendar, and other materials or report your location became easier than ever.

Work on any file from anywhere.

iOS 8 has good news for you: now you can work on any file from anywhere. It may be presentations, documents PDF, images, and more – all are available directly to iCloud from any device, including Mac and PC. Using iCloud Drive, you’ll always have an access to the current versions of all documents on any of the devices. For example, you can start working on your presentation on your home Mac, and you can add some editing to the iPad during the performance. The changes will automatically appear on all your devices.

Stay healthy with iOS 8!

There is no time for sickness. Apps for your workouts and other applications for health and fitness, for example program for pulse frequency measurement can now be a part of your team. All data can be presented on a visual panel.

Advanced levels of security.

Enterprise-grade security technology built into iOS, have become more reliable with the advent of iOS 8. Large number of applications received data protection and e-mails – got advanced encryption.

The God of presentations.

Peer discovery and AirPlay playing. iOS 8 allows you to connect iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to your Apple TV wirelessly without the necessity to connect to the corporate network. This means that you can demonstrate your work and share materials, even if the Internet connection is absent or a company network is difficult to organize.

As you can see, the advantages of iOS 8 are really impressive. So don’t waste your time and get it right now. Enjoy your business life in full with iOS 8!

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