Bear, vodka, balalaika… Can you guess what country our today’s tester is from? Okay, let’s consider a few more facts about his country to help you.

This country… is bigger than Pluto.
Its people… use the same word to say, “Get healthier” and “Get fatter.”
Its language… doesn’t need a subject and a verb to complete a sentence.

Does it ring a bell now? :) Meet Mikhail Chumakov, a 30-year-old tester from Saint-Petersburg, Russia (who currently lives in Moscow).

Mikhail, Ubertester

Mikhail began testing eight years ago. His first project was MMORPG for mobile phones with Internet capabilities.

Within those eight years of his experience, Mikhail tested many types of applications, including: mobile (IOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.), business software, web services, web applications, and APIs. He used different types of tools for testing as well, like tools for manual, automated, load testing, among others.

Before joining Ubertesters approximately half a year ago, he created and developed his own outsource testing project Direct.Test. He also currently manages and improves the testing process (QA).

Traditionally, we asked Mikhail seven questions that we and some of our clients wanted to know.

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Ubertester Tells: Interview with Mikhail, a professional Ubertester from Russia

Mikhail, what was the most exciting project you had in your Ubertesters QA career?

Mikhail: The most exciting project that I had in my Ubertesters QA career was a taxi service, because not only do I use it in my offline life, but I’m also interested in quality services and improving all project parts for all users as well.

What is the most horrifying/bizarre bug for you?

Mikhail: The most horrifying bug is a high priority bug just before the project’s release. :)

What is a daily habit that you developed in your life as a result of your profession and found to be really useful? What change did it bring?

Mikhail: The most interesting habit that I developed through my profession in testing is analyzing everything and everybody. :)
However, the most useful habit that I developed was planning and controlling my activities.

What are the main benefits of working with Ubertesters?

Mikhail: The main benefits of working with Ubertesters are getting to work on interesting worldwide projects that are useful for huge amounts of people. I also really like the ability to work from anywhere in the world!

What are the characteristics of a bad software tester?

Mikhail: A bad software tester is a person who does not understand the basis of Testing and Quality Assurance. He is not effective without the knowledge.

What does your ideal work place look like?

Mikhail: My ideal workplace is an office with a view of the mountains or the sea. :)

What advice would you like to give to testers who are just starting their career in Ubertesters?

Mikhail: Test your life. :)

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