The mobile gaming apps are the most popular among the apps in the AppStore and the Play Market. Thousands of users spend a few hours a day playing on their mobile devices. Having your mobile game at the top brings success for the entire company.

This makes the mobile game app testing process a very important subject, requires the qualified game testers to be involved.

Please remember that the people involved into your app testing should be unique professionals and passionate mobile games fans at the same time (e.g. Xbox game testers). It’s not enough for them to inspect the app thoroughly, detect its bugs, drawbacks and unclear places. Game testers should be fully engaged in the process.

You’d better make sure your future mobile games testers have a lot of experience with Android and iOS platforms and testing tools, try different types of games such as arcade, adventure, shooters, puzzles, simulation. Having the experience of playing online games and multiplayer games is also a plus.

Knowledge of different game types will help the testers to better understand the game during the beta game testing as the specifications differs for various mobile games.

When you need to find one or few testers, pay attention to game forums and blogs: there you can find quite a lot of people acquainted with the game topic (e.g. iOS or Android beta games testers and so on). You can make a post in a game magazine inviting gamers to participate in your project or use one of the beta-testers services, like Ubertesters crowd service where you can hire qualified beta testers for games without any risk.

Mobile games testing has a lot of specific features, where the manual testing is playing an important role. It’s important to check all the game flow, glitches and visual effects. The testers have to pass the game levels hundreds of times not to miss critical bugs . We highly recommend you to have some Android and iOS testing tools or a platform where you can collect and summarize the testing results and issues found.

One more thing you need to think about mobile games testing is the number and range of real devices. You’ll need a bunch of them as the simulators will not give you the clear picture.

Once your mobile game is prepared for beta testing, give it it to the professionals by using the services of an accredited crowd testing company – so they make all the necessary work and check if your game is interesting, error-free, and flawless.

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