Who is Ubertesters?

Ubertesters is the leading global provider of a cloud-based, process management tool for mobile applications beta testing to ensure an accurate, fast and cost effective mobile testing process that results in high quality, flawless, mobile app.

Ubertesters was founded with the clear vision of bringing the power of a superior beta testing process to every business in the app development ecosystem.
Quite simply, we empower mobile developers, project managers and testers by providing them with a comprehensive, easy to use beta testing management tool to ensure they launch excellent, well tested, and more successful mobile app.

Plus, the platform is always free for the basic feature set, allowing businesses to use the tool for their complete test cycle.

In addition, Ubertesters platform users have access to crowd-sourced Ubertesters’ team of qualified and experienced testers for on-demand, short-term testing projects to complement their own QA team with very short setup time, low cost and proved results.

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