Mobile and web Security testing approach. Made by Ubertesters

Security testing aims to uncover imperfections in the security of websites and mobile applications. The procedure’s main role is to find vulnerabilities or shortcomings that may lead to a mobile application or website users’ personal data to be stolen.
To protect a mobile app or a web-site from potential intruders, security testing covers six main principles as listed below:
• Authorization
• Non-repudiation
• Confidentiality
• Authentication
• Integrity
• Availability

When covering the basic principles of security testing we recommend the following approach:

1) Identify the project architecture. The initial step is to distinguish the business requirements and security objectives of the project.

2) Provide security architecture analysis. Comprehend and examine the prerequisites of the application through testing.

3) Collect all relevant technical information related to the system’s setup. This list usually contains:
– Operating System types and versions (like: Windows OS 7 and higher, Android 4.4-6.0 and iOS 8.0 and higher);
– The technologies used;
– Frameworks documentation;
– Hardware specifications, and so on.

4) Based on the information covered above, prepare a list of possible security risks and threat scenarios (threat modeling).

5) Write down a test plan that aims to reveal and eliminate these issues. Identify the type of tests that are necessary to execute (e.g. security penetration testing). Prepare the traceability matrix.

6) Prepare test-cases. Calculate the number of executors (in-house testers or beta testers and maybe external beta testers) and the conditions that must be reproduced during the tests.

7) Perform the security test cases execution for your mobile or web applications and retest the defect fixes. Execute the Regression test cases.

8) Collect reports. Prepare detailed information about all vulnerabilities, contained detailing risks, open issues and backdoors, etc.

Following this 8-steps security testing approach will help to create a market-shaker mobile application or a website with a large number of visitors. If you are not positive that you can make a qualified security testing with your team, you can always send a request to Ubertesters. Our managers will carefully review all project details and propose the solution that best fits your needs.

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