Time Management is the ability to manage effectively and control your own time. It is the ability to sort out what thing is the most important for you and what is less important, what task you should perform immediately and what tasks can wait for some time.

This article is devoted to the peculiarities of time management for the developers. They will find some useful information as for planning their working day. We hope it will help them to rule their time and make their work successful and productive.

Time management for developers is a complicated thing because their work is constantly interrupted. It is difficult to finish a project on time if a developer should discontinue working on it in order to answer some particularly tricky question from a user or fix some sophisticated bug. Return to work is time-consuming, besides, when you return to work after the break, it is easy to make a mistake.

Time management for developers. Seven rules.

There are seven main rules of time management. If you follow them, you will learn how to rule your time and make your life easier and simpler.

#1. Use single organizer

You should lead single “database” on time management. When you keep all information in one place, you save yourself from having to switch from one storage system to another. With a lack of organization that will help you bring order to your actions.

#2. Say no to the unnecessary things as often as you can.

Learn to deny certain people, unnecessary tasks and projects that will not bring anything good in future but just will take you time.

#3. Concentrate on the same task from start to finish.

The more and the faster you will perform multiple tasks at the same time – the worse result you will get. Never go to a new project if you have not finished the previous one.

#4. Filter the information.

If you don’t want to oversaturate your brain with a huge amount of unnecessary information and spend your precious time on it – you should learn how to choose the most necessary, useful things and filter out all unnecessary ones. Learn to explore and read through the Internet pages without reading everything from start to finish! Make stops and try to remember only the most important information.

#5. Make sure that your working place is comfortable.

When you work from home you have a lot of possibilities to distract oneself, especially if you don’t live alone. Separate workplace will increase your productivity at times and will help you to concentrate on your work.

#6. Switch your Skype to ‘Do not disturb’ mode

Don’t waste your time on unnecessary things like e-mail checking, communication in social networks and skype. If you decide to do some complicated task, switch off all these things so that they could not distract your attention.

#7. Take a deserved day off for yourself.

Never neglect the opportunity to have a rest. This is an important factor for effective time management! When a person is resting, all the resources of his body gradually restored. When a person falls from exhaustion, it is unlikely he will cope with a specific task. Therefore, when you relax, you are actively engaged in time management!

Time Management teaches all of us to manage efficiently our own lives, to enjoy every moment of our life, to find time for family and people close to us, to find time for self-development. Life begins to acquire bright colors and become much more interesting!

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