Top 10 Ubertesters posts 2016

2016 is almost over and it is that time of the year when we should try to summarize the yearly events. We decided to analyze all of the published content and collect the “Best of 2016” topics for you. Our team is not suggesting that this list is definitive, complete, or authoritative. We simply wish to represent some favorite selections about mobile app testing that brought a lot of requests and comments to our team.

Check out the posts that we feel deserve a little extra attention. Who knows, they may help you launch a great product in 2017. If you want to extend this list, you are always welcome!


1. 10 Tips For Android Instant Apps Testing

Android instant app testing. Ubertesters cover

Before putting your app on the market, we recommend going through the following Android Instant Apps testing tips list. It will help you be sure that you are putting your best product forward.

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2. 5 Powerful Tips for Managing Several Beta-Testing Projects at Once

5 Powerful Tips for Managing Several Beta Testing Projects at Once

Things will not always go as smoothly as planned. We have collected 5 great tips that could reduce your workload, help organize your project and achieve your goals.

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3. 4 Warning Signs that Your Beta Testing Process is in Danger

4 Warning Signs that Your Beta Testing Process is in Danger

We definitely sure that something goes wrong with your beta testing processes. In this post you will find the reasons of our conviction.

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4.  7 Criteria for Selecting Mobile Application Testing Tools For Your Business

7 Criteria for Selecting Mobile Application Testing Tools For Your Business.Ubert

There are many types of software mobile application testing tools that help launch great products. Yet, how do you determine which one is best for you? In this post you can find a set of criteria to help you make the right choice.

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5. How many beta testers do I need to create the perfect app?

How many beta testers do I need to create the perfect app?

We have collected some questions and suggestions which you should keep in mind when determining how many beta testers you will need.

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6. Top 5 tips for successful mobile app testing

Mobile app testing tips

Our team has collected some stuff that helps you to make a base-jumping from the middle mobile app tester to the skilled guru faster than you think

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7. Mobile games testing secrets: How to find qualified beta testers for your game


Game testing is hard. No, it is REALLY hard and we know how to make this process easier for your team.

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8. Things you should remember when publishing and distributing your Android mobile app

Android app publishing and distributingThe ultimate guide for Android apps developers.

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9. The 8-steps security testing approach for a perfect project

Mobile and web Security testing approach. Made by Ubertesters

Everything you want to know about security testing but were afraid to ask.

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10. 12 Most Common Reasons Why Apps Are Rejected By App Store


App Store rejection is like weird posts you made on Facebook two years ago – the majority of mobile app developers gets through this. Shameful is not being rejected by App Store but not drawing conclusions from this and correcting mistakes done. Let us look how extremely easy it is to get rejected by iTunes.

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