The industry of eSports is likely to continue growing in the nearest future. New apps will be launched, offering users a wide number of innovative features and opportunities. How to succeed in such a dynamic environment? What is the best way to meet the requirements of most customers? How to test a new application to make sure it suits the needs of users and has a brilliant performance? The experts from Ubertesters know the answers to all these questions. Discover the freshest info about the segment, find out the best sports app ideas, and explore the most effective ways of testing your application right in this post. 

ESports Industry Overview 

According to the smart predictions of the majority of experts, the most emerging markets of eSports apps will be Asia and North America. Therefore the demand for quality sports statistics apps and other related applications will be on the rise. 

Traditionally, most revenues will come from advertising, media rights, sponsorships, selling tickets, and streaming. Sports stats apps along with sports events apps are likely to be among the most popular applications among thousands of users. Most sports fans will need to monitor sports scores and updates, place bets, and keep in touch with the most up-to-date info about the competitions and players. In case you are looking for a promising idea of an eSports app, you might choose a football prediction app, a baseball sports app for Android or iPhone, as well as some other similar solutions that might be a good alternative. The fact is that the uses of statistics in sports are very diverse, while crowds of customers are ready to pay for a perfectly working app in this niche. You can always check app market statistics to find out the most demanding solutions. 

The Leading ESports Market Players

The market for eSports has tough competition. There are several major players that attract hundreds of new users each day. However, each solution has its own pros and cons you might need to know before creating your own solution. 


ESPN, a well-known sports channel in North America, offers an excellent number of sports mobile applications. League opinions available in its apps include NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, as well as college football and basketball. Using ESPN as a service provider also allows streaming games, keeping in touch with the news and score updates of your favorite teams. Users can easily make an app more personalized and focus only on the most interesting sports areas. You can listen to podcasts or read articles from the top sports analysts and reporters. The app is available to download for free. 


  • Wide choice of various leagues
  • Listening to podcasts is available for no extra cost


  •  Numerous ads


This sports app is a free solution that allows you to discover the freshest info about scores and stats, as well as receive scoring updates, and breaking news. The service is good for those who would like to be the first to know all the latest updates about the performance of the chosen teams and players. 


  • Comprehensive interface
  • Several European kinds of sports are also available


  • Has some issues with setting up notifications 


This application is a modern solution that provides the most accurate live football, basketball, tennis, eSports, hockey, and other scores updates in a blink of an eye. 365Scores allows following your favorite team, using a handy calendar not to miss the important events, and have a personalized scoreboard. 


  • Supports more than 1000 competitions 
  • Easily customizable


  • Too many ads


This application is an official NBA app that can be used on both iOS and Android devices. It has tons of features that are highly demanding for sports enthusiasts. You can easily watch press conferences view the statistics and scores, as well as know all the freshest news about your favorite teams and players. The app can be downloaded and used for free unless you want to watch some live games (this option and some other extra features are available in a subscription plan that will cost you $17.99 per month)


  • Exceptionally user-friendly interface
  • Handy menu of sports stats


  • Some features require having a paid subscription
  • Interface can’t be personalized 


This is a veteran solution in the field of real-time scores. The service has been present on the market since 1998 and has gained incredible popularity since then. LiveScore app includes options to check scores on basketball, football, soccer, tennis, and hockey. Not only American leagues are available in the app, but also European and other foreign ones. However, in case you want to watch games online, it is better to choose another app since LiveScore doesn’t support this feature. 


  • Understandable interface
  • An option to set up notifications for certain events


  • No streaming option
  • Limited customization options

Bleacher Report 

This is another handy app that can help you keep in touch with the scores of your favorite teams. You can set up notifications on the important changes in your team’s stats, including predictions, wins, and losses. 


  • Easy access to scores
  • Good customization


  • Ads
  • No live video option 

Types Of Tests You Need To Perform During The QA Process 

The mobile testing of any sports statistic application usually requires checking dozens of different features and parameters. But how to do testing in the most effective and budget-friendly way? Here is a list of tests you need to perform to make sure you’ve got a premium-quality solution that will be enjoyed by most customers. 

Usability Testing 

Being user-friendly is a must for any modern app, including a sports stats one. It is vital to make sure your application is comprehensive for the customers, as well as it shows various types of stats in the most understandable way. Does your app have a handy menu? Are there any customization features? Usability testing is always ready to help you find the answers to these questions. Don’t forget to use real users from different parts of the world (according to your actual target market) and a variety of real devices from these specific locations. Otherwise, you might have an unpleasant surprise after launching the app, realizing there are issues in some parts of the world.  

Functional Testing 

Checking all the main parameters and features is also necessary to make sure your sports app is working properly. In most cases, the QA professionals check the user interface, responsiveness, screen size, and other basic things of a sports application. Only expert testers should perform this type of testing to get the most detailed results. The world of QA is constantly changing, so only professional testers can do the tests according to the trends and using the most up-to-date software. 

Localization Testing 

Many sports apps are used by enthusiasts from different countries. Therefore, it is important to check all the location-specific features of the application. These include currencies, date, time, numbers, and other specific parameters. This will provide sports fans from various locations the best experience of using the app. Currently, the power of crowd testers is considered to be the best alternative for localization testing on the global market. 

Load Testing

How will your application operate under extreme loads? Load testing will help you understand how your app will behave under normal and peak loads. Testing in real-time load conditions is a must for every app that is expected to get thousands of users logged in at the same time. 

Security Testing 

This type of QA effort is a significant part of any QA process. Any sports app should be checked for having any vulnerabilities and bugs in the security parameters. 

Crowdsourced Testing

Sports apps, judging by their global popularity, are used all over the world and by many millions of users. This means that thousands of different mobile devices and many web browsers will attempt to review the content in any given minute. To be certain that your product will work on the majority of these devices – you must test your digital product under real live conditions, with real users, in many geographies, and a real variety of devices. Crowdsourced testing is the preferred way to put your product in the hands of many users and get true feedback before launching it. After all – sports apps are all about the accuracy of data…..make sure your product is reliable as well.   

In case you want to get your app tested by the true experts, Ubertesters is always ready to help. Want to know more about testing your app, and launching a perfectly tested product –  contact us at

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