Ubertesters and Ran Rachlin, our CEO, are extremely proud and honored to be mentioned by Enterprise World as the Preferred Beta Testing Partner.

With novel tech advancements joining the race, the software testing market is growing by leaps and bounds. Many organizations are now embracing Agile and DevOps methodologies and rolling out solutions that have the potential to quench the needs of the customers to the core.

Established in 2013, Ubertesters is one such organization offering comprehensive Crowd Testing services to its customers. Providing access to freelance, vetted, experienced QA testers to test any digital product with their own devices is the company’s forte. Outshining the traditional testing patterns, it uses the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ alongside enabling companies to test their digital product under real-life conditions. It helps customers to use a variety of devices, geographies, carriers, OSs, etc. and offer full flexibility & high speed at a competitive price.

To read the full article: https://www.theenterpriseworld.com/ubertesters-a-preferred-beta-testing-partner/


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