Ubertesters’ award winning bug reporting platform has now full Unity 3D support to join it’s PhoneGap support.

New York, July 29th , 2014, Ubertesters www.ubertesters.com the mobile application testing platform company, announced today that its award winning platform now supports apps built using Unity3D. Unity is a game development ecosystem and a powerful engine to create interactive 3D and 2D games. The Unity 3D support is added to Ubertesters previously reported support with PhoneGap.


Unity is a very popular cross-platform game creation framework that includes a game engine and integrated development environment used to develop video games and has close to 3 million global registered developers. This large install base makes Unity one of the most popular frameworks in the game development world.

Integrating Unity with the Ubertesters platform is extremely easy and requires a simple SDK integration and then adding the framework to the Unity project. Simple step-by-step instructions can be found in the Ubertesters web site.

“The Ubertesters support for Unity framework is allowing this very large community of Unity developers to have access to our leading platform of mobile app testing to significantly improve the mobile testing experience”, said Ran Rachlin, CEO & co-founder of Ubertesters. “Our capability to support cross-platform framework such as Unity and PhoneGap increases our spread and allows us to approach the mobile gaming community to allow them to use both the robust and comprehensive app testing management platform and crowd of global testers and launch a better app”.

Mobile app developers are welcomed to join the platform and get all premium features for free for a limited time. Please sign-up at http://ubertesters.com.

See how to integrate Ubertesters SDK with your Unity project on Ubertesters website.

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