According to the third annual study of e-commerce market organized by Cisco Systems, mobile devices have become a fundamentally new channel of the retail sales. The research has shown that mobile devices are fast becoming the fourth most powerful tool of the trade after the ordinary shops, web-sites and mail catalogs. Besides, the development of advanced mobile technologies created new sources of income for the retailers.

Why Kickass Retail Companies Invest In App Testing (And You Should, Too!)

Top-5 statistic facts as for usage of mobile devices in retail industry you shouldn’t ignore:

  • More than 26% of product purchases and payments for various services on the Internet is made with the help of mobile phones;
  • 59% of respondents browsed mobile version of the site where they had planned to make a purchase;
  • More than half (55%) of mobile Internet users are willing to make an order for an hour, and 83% are ready to do this in the course of the day;
  • 1 out of 4 customers are looking for the information about products using their smartphones instead of asking the shop assistants. Almost 50% of consumers consider themselves more competent than store employees;
  • 93% of respondents had surfed the mobile Internet before making a purchase. 82% of them eventually made a purchase in the offline store. 45% of the respondents bought products online (with the help of PC or tablet). 17% of the customers have made an order using a smartphone.

Formula for success for any application concerning the retail industry is simple: give your customers easy and fast opportunity to buy everything they would like to buy.

Poorly designed mobile apps with slow loading, limited number of features and broken links irritate customers and prevent them from making purchases. As a result you will be losing great sums of money with every passing minute. In order to avoid such maddening situations you should pay special attention on testing your mobile applications for retail business on as many mobile devices as possible.

Top-5 things that should be tested in order to make your mobile app for retail commerce irreplaceable

  • Quality of image. The better the quality of photo or video about the product is, the easier it is for the consumer to imagine it in real life. Try to test the quality of your image galleries on various mobile devices with various screen resolution;
  • Price scan. When your customers make purchase from their smartphones, they are using so-called “showrooming”. That means that they are using their mobile devices in the store to find the best price and to compare the characteristics. While testing your mobile app, make sure that the procedure of price scanning is plain and simple;
  • Various methods of payment. Security still remains an important factor for the customers. If they finally have taken the decision to make a purchase, offer them multiple payment methods, so they could choose the one that works for them;
  • Speed. Increasing the download speed is necessary, regardless of whether you have to reduce the size of the mobile app or start to load content gradually. Before the invention of the 4G this issue has not been brought up but nowadays it is quite important;
  • Cross-platform basket. This is a rather complex functionality, but if you want to make your mobile app convenient for shopping, then you would definitely need to test the ability to sync the basket with the desktop. On the one hand, it is convenient that the client does not have to re-enter the saved data, and on the other, a synchronized multi-channel shopping cart will allow users to view items from one device and make purchases from another.

Why leading companies in the Retail industry choose Ubertesters to test their apps. Case study

SuiteRetail specializes in cloud-based omni-channel retail solutions and consulting services for common ERP and CRM platforms.

“With hundreds of customers including many retail brands, its important for us to provide a flawless experience for our customers without any exceptions. The Ubertesters platform allows us the streamline our internal testing processes to deliver on our vision. With every release we are reaching new levels of customer satisfaction that we do not believe would be possible without such a complete testing solution,” – says Ray Tetlow, Founder and Lead Developer at SuiteRetail Inc.

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